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About me...mmm...basically I am very friendly. I am a freak for photography although I haven't shot a professional photo yet. But I am most definitely planning on making that happen someday ^_^! I love Grace Kelly and Kim Novak, I love trying new things in life. I love food yummm I love cooking it especially with my boyfriend. I have a sweet tooth I just love baking and devouring them afterwards hehehe :P! I've discovered that I am a tweetaholic and a blogaholic lol! I'm a very outgoing person and I really like to go out and have fun just hanging out with my boyfriend and my good friends!! I'm independent and very opinionated. I get angry easily but I'm trying to change that you know count to 10! And I get affected easily by negative energy thus I tend to stay as far as possible from people holding this energy! Although I love helping people but to a certain limit because in the end it affects me and I get tired!! lol anyways that's it for now.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I weep

I weep when I think of all the less fortunate whose lives have been filled with agony and grief! Off course half of u if not more have watched "Shallow Hal" well if u have which one of u haven't felt their heart squeeze when they saw that little girl at the hopsital when Hal's hypnosis has been removed and sees the girl as she is which is half burnt! Well I've seen th movie a million times and I always get so touched when this scene comes.

I weep for the parents that have been abandoned by their children, I weep for the children who are born and thrown on the street, I weep for the new born baby who's not wanted and thrown next to the garbage! I weep for the blind, not the sight blind but the blind in their souls who live in the dark inside them and never see the light of joy!

If u come and think of it well life is filled with all those tragedies in people's lives. We have to be willing to help those who are need and not just through occasions such as holidays we should do that everyday whenever we have the chance to!

Life is made if choices we either choose to help or simply do nothing! Those people also have a choice but sometimes they get blinded and become mentally sick where they cannot make sane decisions thus needing help and support from others!

So my plee to u all is to please be conscious and have a good heart and God will let u know what to do!

XOXO Dana Jojo