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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

HOW TO MAKE $60,000 PER MONTH! Yes it is true!

Yesterday I had the funniest experience in my life! During the whole meeting I wanted to LITERALLY LAUGH OUT LOUD! I had an interview at a Company XYZ it turned out to be a group meeting with approximately 8 people! We watched a documentary about the Company for about 10 minutes where you couldn't even hear the words that are being said properly and the picture was very flu and pixelized you couldn't make out what was being shown to you! I stuck through the meeting cause I wanted to see what was this all about since I had a feeling it was going to be EPICALLY RIDICULOUS!

After the documentary was over this guy walks into the room all polished and opens up with this hilarious phrase: "Min menkon 2eder yi shouf yalleh ana shefto bi hal video?" The room was so silent you can imagine crickets in the room just breaking the silence! Again he asked the same question twice! People felt awkward they had to answer so one guy says I saw the Chinese flag, another person added I saw success! Then the polished man says with all confidence and his feathers all fluffed out: "Yalleh ma shef yalleh ana shefto bi hal video ma fehem shi!" So here I was like OMG are you serious? 

I am going to describe how this guy is so that you can imagine the scene. He talks in this high pitched voice and thinks he's hosting a talk show on TV and makes a dramatic pause between each sentence to increase the suspense in the room. I think you can imagine what type I am talking about lol!

He continues: "This is no normal job ma badna 7adan 3adeh (what he means is he doesn't want any normal person cause no person in his right mind would actually go for what he was about to say) ha mish wazifeh, mish teswi2 w mish sheghel standard....7abet el 2ame7 kam 7abeh bta3teh?" Silence....cric cric cric... "7abeh wa7deh bta3teh 1,000,000 7abet 2ame7. Betsad2o? Badkon farjikon kif?" 
He started drawing on the board a wheat seed and this seed produces let's say 10 seeds so you take one seed and plant it, here are another 10 seeds so on and so forth... and then he shouted: "HAYDA HOWEH EL MASHROU3 TABA3NA LIYOM. EL MASHROU3 HOWEH NETWORK MARKETING. And within 5 months you make 60,000$ per month. WHAT IS NETWORK MARKETING?"

It is like you are sitting in a middle of a show and in a few seconds Ashton Kutcher (or Nemr Abou Nassar our amazing Lebanese comedian that I just love:) since it would be a Lebanese version of the show) was going to jump out from somewhere and yell YOU'VE BEEN PUNKED (or JYEAHHHH ;) )!!

I could feel the scam approaching and the funny thing is that people actually fall for it, so pitiful.
"XYZ is a company that has a system and both have a sponsor which is YOU! Network marketing howeh lamma 2enta bet fout sharik 3a hal mashrou3 w bet 3aref ness 3a hal mashrou3 hayda shi bta3mlo marra bi 7ayetak bass bto2bad menno kel 3omrak. B3aref ness w hal ness bet 3aref ness w fi 40 mountaj lal so7a  w everyone of you should invest 20$ to 300$ to start w hayda mablagh btedfa3o mara bi 7ayetak w bto2bad menno kel 3omrak." BAMMM the SCAM lol!!! I felt I was watching Zein El Athath or Ammana Care hehehe.

The whole concept is you would be working like a PIMP yayyyy so cool :P

The most hilarious part was when he started showing us snapshots of a guy and his tone went all sad and dramatic in an instant and told the tale of this little sad boy: "Hayda el shab ma3o 4 shhedet, doctora bel 2anoun, 3ouloum siyesiyeh, siya7a w safar, and something I forgot what it is...hayda el shab howeh ANA! Tkharajet w ma kenet le2eh sheghel so t3arafet 3a sherket XYZ w bi shaher wa7ad 3am ba3mol 60,000$! w 3andeh siyara model el senneh w fikon terba7o a car, a private plane or a villa!" 

And by the way all the snapshots were total fakes LOL I could easily tell they were photoshoped, cropped and added!!

Akhhh that was the most hilarious and ridiculous 25 minutes of my life! I wanted to share this with you to show you that those things really exist and people really believe in them, cause I left and the rest stayed and were willing to pay 20 to 300$ to become a member. People that is how they make their money wake up!!