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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


OK guys I have to share this with you, yesterday I went to Mojo a pub in Hamra to hear out the band Aphasia that was playing there. My friend is a member of the band so we went to encourage him ^_^!

Influenced by lots of artists mostly from the 70's, improvisations, screaming solos, talent and feelings have all come together to provide the unique sound of Aphasia... they are a Classic Rock - Old Rock - Blue Rock

They played so many wonderful tunes and outside guests joined in it was EPIC! For more information about who was playing and what click on this link:


The most amazing song they played was “Comfortably Numb” it made me so emotional it was fantastic! Everyone in the pub was so taken by how they were playing that no one thought to record the damn thing I feel so bad about that right now!! Anywho the solo of the song WOOOWWWW I CANNOT PUT IT INTO WORDS IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!! We all felt the guitar and the drums I wanted to go up there and bang on the drums it was this exciting I swear and after they ended the song tears filled up my eyes, I didn’t cry no, I don’t know what happened don’t ask me but they were this good
I never really felt the song this way before it was AWESCIOUS (I mashed Awesome with Righteou
s hehe).

I'll be addin
g more pictures of the band and our night!

The Big Killer!

It kills me when I see ignorant people around me!!!
For instance those idiotic people that think they are so cool by seating their new born baby on their laps while driving WTH are you thinking! That's not cool I mean doesn't it occur to them that the slightest brake would smash the baby's head right on the steering wheel and crack his neck. Especially with the lovely condition of the roads we have here in Lebanon (think people think)!!
There are baby seats for a freaking reason we know you love your baby but don’t kill the innocent child from your stupidity!

And oh yeah the most killing of all ignorant people are the pedestrians...Please picture this and I know everyone of you has witnessed and still witnesses this scenario:

The walking bridge is on top of them it just takes them a few minutes of their precious time to save their precious lives to walk to it and walk on it. But NOOOO they prefer to cross the busy road and risk their lives and get killed ... THE BRIDGE IS RIGHT ABOVE YOU YOU IDIOTS!!! USE IT!!
Ahhh *sigh* we all experienced the horrific scene at night the same situation but it's completely dark since our so called caring government doesn't have the decency to turn on the night lights at night cause oh yeah THEY TURN THEM PURE PURE DAY LIGHT what's up with that huh O_0!!! So here you are driving at night relying on your car lights and blinded from the car lights driving on the other side cause hey it's not their fault, they just can't see and again our caring government didn't think of elevating the barrage so that cars from both sides don't get blinded and have to squint while driving... Anyways you're driving and suddenly you hit your brakes since you glimpse a silhouette in this pitch black darkness. You realize it's someone crossing the road but you can’t actually see him cause he's black himself and on top of it all he’s wearing dark colored clothes, so how do you know that there’s a person crossing..?? Well that’s the tricky part [hahaha] you see his white teeth cause Yeah he would actually be smiling while crossing the road “Like hahaha yeah I’m an idiot I know the bridge is right there but I chose not to go on it! So he’s crossing the road and then you come to hit the gas pedal but noo wait you see a line of black people with their white teeth crossing the road in parallel to the first guy like 9 of them!!! WTF O_O!!! LMAO

Women oh yes I am going there! What's up with those freakishly high heels and full ugly make up and slutty clothes... don't you have a mirror at home or do you have one but choose not to look in it! You wear those agonizingly painful heels that you can't even walk in but you wear them anyways cause you think you are sexy!! well no you're not you look like idiots who can’t walk in heals and you kill the arm of the guy you're putting all your weight on and you look like you have the legs of a flamingo!!
And that make up I mean make up was invented to hide the little flaws one has or to tidy yourself up a little bit. It wasn’t invented for you to splash all the colors you bought on your face and look like a polished clown, and if you give us a little kiss on the cheek we would have a mark of all your foundation on us!! Be satisfied with how you look like peeps.

And the slutty clothes I mean there is sexy and there is slutty trust me there’s a huge difference. First off please wear clothes that suit your body type oh I beg you!!! I don’t want to see lumps nor is it a pleasant sight to see bones!! Don’t hide too much nor show too much there’s a balance and balance is the key.
They think if they go out looking like that with all the make-up and tight ugly clothes and the painful heels that people would look at them and give them the time of day well they would be looking but not for that reason at all they would look and criticize. But they think that the looks mean something good and they like what they see…well here you go pure Ignorance yup!!

O_o!! Ciaoo