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About me...mmm...basically I am very friendly. I am a freak for photography although I haven't shot a professional photo yet. But I am most definitely planning on making that happen someday ^_^! I love Grace Kelly and Kim Novak, I love trying new things in life. I love food yummm I love cooking it especially with my boyfriend. I have a sweet tooth I just love baking and devouring them afterwards hehehe :P! I've discovered that I am a tweetaholic and a blogaholic lol! I'm a very outgoing person and I really like to go out and have fun just hanging out with my boyfriend and my good friends!! I'm independent and very opinionated. I get angry easily but I'm trying to change that you know count to 10! And I get affected easily by negative energy thus I tend to stay as far as possible from people holding this energy! Although I love helping people but to a certain limit because in the end it affects me and I get tired!! lol anyways that's it for now.

Thursday, March 17, 2011



Sitting in my seat I could see the earth right from above me it was all so serene from up here. However, I could sense the deep disappointment because I was sensing it too the lack of greenery seen from way up here. But even through this sensation the planet was peaceful.

......With my camera on one shoulder and my laptop on the other I scurried around to fetch my suitcase in this madness of a crowd. I hustled around a couple of times I couldn't help myself I was in such a hurry. I just wanted to get out of the airport and head into this beautiful town that is still part of my imagination. I have drawn it up in my mind so many times over and over again with its scenery and smells and its people I couldn’t wait.

I snatched my suitcase well heisted is more like it, I’m a girl so what do you expect I do need my fashion especially in this amazing town. Actually we need our stylish looks anywhere we go yeah go figure! I was literally running when I felt a sudden bright breeze hit me that made me come to a halt. I didn’t realize I broke through the doors and was standing right there on MY own two feet. The warm tickling rays of the sun on my face made me giggle with utter glee. I was finally here.

........ Night life was near, people were gathering in restaurants and pubs having loud conversations. I was amidst this whole spectacle sitting on the bar of a glamorous pub in my green silk dress sipping my scrumptious margueritah made by the hot bartender in front of me! Yummm if you know what I mean. As I was sitting there night dreaming about the bartender and fabricating a sexy fiery scene in my mind my eye glimpsed on someone and the whole sketch was nudged from my memory as if it were never created in the first place and I was lost entirely in the gaze. I don’t know how to describe what I went through because honestly I have never underwent such an intense feeling it was agonizingly blissful.

By The Girl with the 100 Watt Smile