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About me...mmm...basically I am very friendly. I am a freak for photography although I haven't shot a professional photo yet. But I am most definitely planning on making that happen someday ^_^! I love Grace Kelly and Kim Novak, I love trying new things in life. I love food yummm I love cooking it especially with my boyfriend. I have a sweet tooth I just love baking and devouring them afterwards hehehe :P! I've discovered that I am a tweetaholic and a blogaholic lol! I'm a very outgoing person and I really like to go out and have fun just hanging out with my boyfriend and my good friends!! I'm independent and very opinionated. I get angry easily but I'm trying to change that you know count to 10! And I get affected easily by negative energy thus I tend to stay as far as possible from people holding this energy! Although I love helping people but to a certain limit because in the end it affects me and I get tired!! lol anyways that's it for now.

Monday, April 25, 2011

What To Do After Completing A Whole Season Of GLEE ;)

It was 8:00 PM and I just completed the whole first season of Glee in two weeks. I was basically feeling bummed since I became totally and utterly addicted to that series now especially the music it's so hypnotic it makes me want to dance and sing along hehehe!

Anywho wondering what I should do next the only thing that popped into my mind was making an Apple Pie! Yeah don't ask me why though it just came to me BAMMM like that lol! So I crack open a cook book and one thing lead to another and I actually baked me an Apple Pie and yes believe it I did it from scratch.

I even prepared the dough myself :D it was so much fun flour flying all around hehehe I actually became all white seriously just like in the movies :D! I was pretty ecstatic with the end result :D so here is my Apple Pie!

Not too shabby right?!:D And it tastesssss HEAVENLYYY!!!

I was pretty amazed myself since I have never baked one in my whole entire life!!!

So I decided to test my cooking and therefore I declare this week A Cook Marathon week on Feisty Studio it sure will be feisty ;).
Throughout this whole week from Monday(which is today hence the Apple Pie) till Friday maybe even Saturday who knows :P when you tune into my website your eyes will be feasted with the yummiest food and pastries :D
So Bon Appetite Stay Tuned and Enjoy my fellow bloggers :D! Peace XOXO

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  1. hehehehehehe and i'm soooo glad i get to taste it!!! mwahahaha:P more yummy for my tummy!!!