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About me...mmm...basically I am very friendly. I am a freak for photography although I haven't shot a professional photo yet. But I am most definitely planning on making that happen someday ^_^! I love Grace Kelly and Kim Novak, I love trying new things in life. I love food yummm I love cooking it especially with my boyfriend. I have a sweet tooth I just love baking and devouring them afterwards hehehe :P! I've discovered that I am a tweetaholic and a blogaholic lol! I'm a very outgoing person and I really like to go out and have fun just hanging out with my boyfriend and my good friends!! I'm independent and very opinionated. I get angry easily but I'm trying to change that you know count to 10! And I get affected easily by negative energy thus I tend to stay as far as possible from people holding this energy! Although I love helping people but to a certain limit because in the end it affects me and I get tired!! lol anyways that's it for now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Too Close to Happiness (Part I)

Waking up in the early morning she took her shower wore her best clothes had her cup of coffee and headed out the door. The door slammed behind her just like the whole world slams her with a different kind of door in her face. Getting in her car she felt frustrated, frustrated from her life the way it has turned out to be, the way it was making her feel just wanting to punch it right in the stomach.

Driving to work thoughts started twirling in her mind making her question what her life has come to. Suddenly she came to a stop made a huge U-turn and headed back home. She shot open the door of her apartment feeling determined more than ever, took her corporate clothes off wore a jeans and a sweatshirt, brought her backpack threw her camera, some clothes, money she had saved up in a jar and a bottle of water. Ready for the adventure of her life she stormed out of her apartment and her now to become past life without even taking a second look behind her. She was embarking her way into her new life with the sun rays hitting her face making her tickle from the warmth she longed for and lost in her trenchant dull corporate days in the office.


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